France – Lyon

“Quand on a pas ce que l’on aime, il faut aimer ce que l’on a” – “When one doesn’t have the things that one loves, one must love what one has.”

There are only a few places in the world where I have returned to and not been disappointed, Lyon is one of them. I first came to Lyon two years a go with a girlfriend. This was a visit was just for 24 short hours (I knew I needed to return) however I made the most of it between showers and clear sky.

I am an avid walker and believe me there is no better way to explore Lyon. I had no great plans and I played tourist last time I was here, so I spent yesterday afternoon walking the old city,  walking along the river then sitting on grass (YES! Real grass) as the sunset. In my seven years of being a traveller, there are moments where I love travelling on my own and yesterday as was one of them, I had no plans, no pressures and no expectations. I walked down streets I hadn’t walked down before, I found little cafes to have my thé vert in. As I sketched I took in my surroundings, the beautiful earthy colours of the buildings, the sounds of leaves fallings and the people sipping coffee. One thing which I appreciated was the space in the streets, in the shops and in my air bnb (the room was the size of my flat) – no one was touching or pushing me! I could actually breath, think and create.

Lyon is a beautiful city and why it appeals to me like many French cities is the architecture, the windows and the colours of the buildings. How the buildings layer upon each other, creating beautiful scenes on the hills or as you look down the river. As the day turned to evening the river banks were alive with people running, playing music, children playing, people eating and laying on the grass.

One of my greatest loves in Lyon is Les Halles de Lyon, where the most delicious produce can be found in including two favourites Saint Marcellin soft and ever so gooey cows milk cheese and my all time favourite fromage de chèvre and with more than option. It made for a delicious breakfast with my eggs.

I didn’t eat out this time while in Lyon, instead of buying fresh produce and eating as I went or making a little meal of vegetables, fruit and cheese for my dinner whilst sitting on the grass by the river. I was most satisfied. 🙂

Until next time Lyon – I will be back.