Châteaux de Lastours

Ab l’alen tir vas me l’aire (I breathe deeply, draw in the air) – Peire Vidal (1175 – 1205)

A hot Friday afternoon spent walking through three unusual castles at Châteaux de Lastours with the La Musers.

The three towers were built in the thirteenth century they were called Cabaret (to the north), Quertinheux and Surdespine (to the south). These are some of the few original Cathar castles left.

The Seigneurs (lord) of Cabaret welcomed and received troubadours here, including Raimon de Miraval and Peire Vidal, who dedicated verses to the Cathar Ladies of the palace.

Raimon was a poor knight from Carcassonne who owned a portion of the castle Miraval. He was poet, composer and singer. Of Raimon’s works 45 remain, of which 22 have melodies.

Piere was known for his witty and humorous love-songs and satires provide a fascinating insight into the courtly society. He performed in the courts of France, Spain, Italy, Malta, and Palestine.
It was truly a beautiful day with stunning blue sky.
❤ Sully

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